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Stan Konda was extremely helpful in helping me navigate through all my insurance and investment needs.  His insight and well explained strategies has allowed me to concentrate on my dental practice while having the piece of my mind of having a well implemented insurance and investment plan in place’  

Dr. Ammar Taimish, Dental Surgeon


‘Stan made insurance planning very easy to understand.  He spent all the necessary time without making me feel rushed to explain how the various forms of life, disability and critical illness work.  I would definitely recommend Stan’s expertise.’ 

Dr. Anca Bordeianu, Dentist


‘Stan’s professionalism and knowledge of Group Pensions & Group Benefits made it easy for me to offer his services to all our employees.  The personal attention and mini seminars given to our employees have made them more interested in investing and planning for their future.’

Theresa MacDermid,
                                                               Former Dom Lipa Nursing Home Administrator


‘I want to thank Stan for helping me sort out through my complicated investment, insurance & estate planning issues and creating a plan to help address them all.  Working with you and your team of experts has been greatly appreciated.  Thank you for making this all seem so easy.’

              Rudy Peternelj, Business Owner


‘Stan’s ability to connect and make sense of investment and tax planning strategies cannot be emphasized enough.  Your sense of perspective and clarity is what makes Stan stand out from other financial advisors I have dealt with.  Thanks for your hard work and the friendship we have developed over the years.’

       Sebastijan Zupanec, General Manager

‘I have found that Stan is well informed and is very proactive in making sure that my portfolio suits my investing approach.  I like the fact that he attends many seminars to learn more about the fund managers before recommending them to me. He has invested a lot of time to help me understand not only the investment industry, but the economy in general.  It has been a pleasure working with Stan because I know that he has my best interest at heart.  Stan has helped guide me through a rough few years in the investment world to help stabilize my savings and keep me on the path to future growth. At the end of the day, I enjoy working with Stan because of his honesty.’

                                                                                       Robert Ferkul, Business Owner



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